Monster Arts Inc. (OTCBB: APPZ) Down Big

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp (OTCBB: FMCC)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) conducts business in the United States residential mortgage market and the global securities market. The Company operates in three segments: Single-family Guarantee, Investments, and Multifamily. The Single-family Guarantee segment reflects results from the Company's single-family credit guarantee activities. The Investments segment reflects results from the Company's investment, funding and hedging activities. The Multifamily segment reflects results from the Company's investment (both purchases and sales), securitization, and guarantee activities in multifamily mortgage loans and securities. At the moment FMCC is trading at an intraday of $4.05-0.18 (-4.26%) with over 7 million shares traded.

Monster Arts Inc. (OTCBB: APPZ)

Monster Arts Inc., formerly Monster Offers, is a Daily Deal aggregator and smartphone application developer and promoter. The Company collects and provides thousands of Daily Deals from multiple sites in local communities across the United States and Canada in its Monster Offers and Monster Daily Deals Smartphone applications. The Company focuses on providing intuitive resources for consumers and small businesses to manage relationships through social media and smartphone technologies to bring bargains to consumers and tools to present bargains to businesses. At the moment APPZ is trading at an intraday of $0.0017-0.0006 (-26.09%) with over 18 million shares traded.

Silver Falcon Mining, Inc. (OTCBB: SFMI)

Silver Falcon Mining, Inc. is a junior resource production company specializing in gold and silver properties. The Company has acquired the rights to develop and operate the mines of GoldLand Holdings, Co., on War Eagle Mountain, situated on the Owyhee Gold Trend of the Silver City Mining District in southern Idaho. The War Eagle Mountain property is located 70 miles south west of Boise, Idaho. The mountain is situated on the Owyhee Gold Trend of the Silver City Mining District. At the moment SFMI is trading at an intraday of $0.0008+0.0001 (14.29%) with over 8 million shares traded.

Independence Energy Corp (OTCBB: IDNG)

Independence Energy Corp. is an oil and gas company. The Company is engaged in the exploration for and production of oil and natural gas, throughout the United States. Its Quinlan Lease is located in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. The Company’s drilling program consists of two wells: the Vaughn-MEI #106 and the Shields-MEI #105-H prospect wells. At the moment IDNG is trading at an intraday of $0.0044+0.0009 (25.71%) with over 37 million shares traded.

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